Had fun watching this table tennis match!

If you like tennis, and like playing long shots, then sure you would love this match between Belgium’s Jean-Michel Saive and Taiwan’s Chuang Chih-Yuan – they are awesome and really having fun while playing this match.

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First Grammy nominated stop motion music video by Oren Lavie

Generally I don’t watch videos other than techy :) – But this video “Her Morning Elegance Music Video” actually grabbed my attention as it is something special and lot of effort is involved in bringing the photos to live and the most amazing thing is, this is the first stop motion music video nominated in 52nd Grammy which was produced by Oren Lavie and the stills in this video are by Eyal Landesman.

Her Morning Elegance Music Video

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Best Books Read by Bill Gates in 2013

I always look for the best books followed or read by leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Founders etc., as I want to learn to grow big same like them. In this search, here is the list of books read by Mr. Bill Gates in the year of 2013. If you really like Bill Gates, you can follow his blog – as there is lot of activity and you can learn a lot from his updates.

Books Read By Mr Bill Gates in 2013

List of Books Read By Mr Bill Gates in 2013

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iOS 7 UI was made in Microsoft Word?

Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

I understand the title makes you crazy, even it was the case with me. But after seeing this video ▶ Was iOS 7 UI created in Microsoft Word? – YouTube by Vaclav Krejci, I seriously don’t have any words. What a wonderful creativity, it’s really a better utilization of Microsoft Word, so it’s pretty clear that one can build visually ready Flat UI mockups in Microsoft Word – Agree?

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A little about CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox? Have you heard it earlier?
Flexbox is a new CSS3 specification and describes CSS box model which is optimized for User Interface design. This can be used to create flex layout model and is designed to create complex layouts for applications and web pages. More info about this CSS3 Flexbox can be found at:
w3.org, Using CSS flexible boxes and also at CSS Flexbox