The Google+ project – A quick Overview [Videos]

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Wow Google+ is an another smooth and silent launch from Google. In first shot appearance and features wise it looks similar to Facebook, but functionality is completely different from Facebook. As it released under testing phase, only few lucky has got access to it to check their new venture – I am one from un-lucky one – just waiting for the access.


Here are the couple of video which explains the key features and purpose of Google+:

The Google+ project: A quick look
We’ve been working on some new stuff to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life

The Google+ project: Circles –
Jed introduces Circles with a few thoughts on the nature of friendship. Check out some ways we’ve been rethinking real-life sharing for the web at

The Google+ project: Sparks
James introduces Sparks with a few thoughts on why we share the things we’re interested in.

The Google+ project: Hangouts
Amee introduces Hangouts with a few thoughts on the spontaneous get-together.

The Google+ project: Instant Upload
Jon introduces Instant Upload with a few thoughts on how we remember the things that matter.

The Google+ project: Huddle
Miranda introduces Huddle with a few thoughts on getting everyone together.


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    I will use Googleplus as long as you can browse girl pics and harass them in private