Veena Malik’s new look in “Rajani Ki Lag Gayi” – Another Sholay?

Sholay – fabulous hit movie and is considered as a land mark in Indian film industry. Now when the news that a film starring the famous Jai Veeru pair is starting spread like a wild fire, everybody rushed to the leading lady Veena Mallik to get her views.
Veena Malik - Rajani Ki Lag Gayi

“Well I would love to work with the legend Amitabh Bachchan. Infact he is my idol. I have grown watching his films and will marry someone like him only” says Veena Malik. She signed a great female oriented film “Rajani Ki Lag Gayi” in which Dharmendra is also claim to have a role in this film. As far as Mr. Bachchan, he is not in the project though, but ofcourse the team would love to have him in the movie. I think this news has been the brain child of the director Manoj kumar who has taken the film very seriously!

The title itself sounds different – Why not share your opinion about this film?

Have a look at this video – MUHURAT OF FILM Rajani Ki Lag Gayi: