Vidhu Vinod Chopra believes in cinema with values and celebrates ‘Gandhi’giri

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Vinod Chopra Films Celebrates ‘Gandhi’giri

March 12, 1930 witnessed the Salt Satyagraha – A movement led by the Father of the Nation as a campaign of tax resistance and nonviolent protest.

82 years later no one seems to care. As popular social networking sites celebrate singers’ birthdays, no one seems to remember the sacrifice and sheer courage of a man who led our nation to Independence.

However, one production house celebrated Gandhi in style – in a manner that moved millions – a subtle mix of contemporary cinema and a search for the truth. Vinod Chopra Films celebrated Gandhi through a man who lived on violence albeit with a kind heart – Munnabhai.

Suddenly Gandhigiri was all that everyone spoke about. A man whose ideals were forgotten was all that everyone spoke about. Suddenly text books were not the only reason people were reading up about Gandhi.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra always believed in cinema with values. Every film ever created by the renowned film-maker takes home a value that can be cherished – albeit in a fun manner.

What does the producer’s next film Ferrari Ki Sawaari have in store for the audiences – that has to be seen.

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