Watch Brad Pitt and Luke Kenny fight zombies this year!

There could be a cold war between two actors competing in the same industry, but have you even in the wildest of your dreams thought that two totally different film industries could be on logger heads at some point of time. Well that’s was the New Year’s all about. It’s full of surprises. Very unusually this time we have two movies being made on Zombies. One coming from Hollywood and the other being made back home in Bollywood.

Rise of The Zombie

The western version stars the popular Brad Pitt while Luke Kenny will take us through the Indian story. The former is titled World War Z and the later The Rise of the Zombie. Now just because both the films are based on Zombies, please don’t assume a similar storyline for the two of them. Instead you could read further and discover the difference for yourself!

Official Teaser Rise of the Zombie, 1st Feb 2013:

Western depiction of the story makes the world a war place where Pitt shoulders the responsibility of saving the world from the evil creatures. Rise of the Zombie on the other hand narrates the story the origin of the creatures. Now you know the difference, don’t you? With both releasing in the same year, there’s tough competition out there. But by releasing their films with a gap of few months the makers of these films a giving a chance to the audience to make a fair judgment.

Brad Pitt will fight the zombie in June this year while Luke Kenny will come ahead of him in February. The competition becomes more interesting as Luke Kenny will give India her first zombie movie ever. With the release dates coming closer I can only say one thing – may the best zombie win!

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